Vendor Support

iClls New Vendor Support


Vendor On-boarding Support

    • New vendors will be assisted by the team to  Vendor Dashboard management, document verification, up to product listing.

Incubation Journey (exclusive to verified vendors)

    • Support to guide the vendors; to educate and groom them as a growing vendor through an incubation program. Incubation Program is a 4-8 weeks period program that provides training and support to vendors to drive higher sales with the maximized marketing tools, and educational streams and webinars with the ICL team.

Vendor Dashboard

    • Have an overview of your store’s overall performance and get access to powerful features of the marketplace that help and support the vendors organize their products, keep track of orders, and interact w/ their customers.

Marketplace’s Educational Hub

    • Read articles, join courses and watch tutorials for free to grow and boost your store.

Seller Support System

    • Chat support that assists the vendors with their questions and inquiries about the marketplace.

Fast & Secured Seller Payments

Vendor Guidelines


*Register as a Vendor

    • Visit to sign up as a vendor. Click on register and select Vendor Registering .
    • To complete the registration, fill in the mandatory details that will be asked including the First Name, Last Name, Shop Name, Shop URL, Address and Phone Number. Make sure to tick I have read and agree to terms and conditions and choose I am a vendor.
    • You will be redirected to my account. Go to Vendor Dashboard, Settings, and choose Verification to start verifying your ID and address.

*Document Submission

    • Once you have requested verification of your identity, iClls will be sending you an email to verify your vendor application.
    • You will be required to submit your business documents (to authenticate your legality as a vendor) and pass the interview with an iClls representative before you can completely register as an official vendor of iClls and be eligible to sell your products inside the marketplace.
    • If you failed to pass the interview, your registration will be void and your store will be automatically deleted.

*Training Session

    • iClls provides free initial training or support to help you start your journey as an iClls vendor. You can read articles, join courses, and watch tutorials for free to grow and boost your store.
    • iClls will be assisting you from Vendor Dashboard management to product listing.

*Create Your Product Listing

    • To begin selling, you will be required to upload your products to your store. But take note of the items that are prohibited and restricted inside the marketplace such as drugs, stolen goods, weapons, and etc.
    • Uploading prohibited and restricted items will lead to product deletion and banning of your store.
    • To upload your products, click Products and Add New Product. Upload your product images, fill in the product name, price, category, tags, brand, and some short description about your product.  Click Create Product. To add more products, select Create & Add New.

*Manage Your Store

    • Vendor Dashboard allows you to manage your store. You can have an overview of your store’s overall performance, manage your product listings, monitor your orders, and interact with both buyers and support.

*Ship Products

    • When you finally receive an order from your product listings, you have to schedule it for delivery within 5-7 business days.
    • Pack your item and schedule it for pick up or drop off to the nearest courier branch.
    • Monitor your item until it reaches your customer.

*Receive Payments

    • Payments for your purchased products will be credited to your wallet after order completion.
    • Vendor fees will be automatically deducted from your payment collections upon withdrawal.

CONGRATULATIONS! and Welcome to the board, now you are officially an iClls Vendor & you can start selling immediately.